Commands – see the help menu. <command> – detailed info about a command.

s.prefix [new prefix] –  change the prefix of the bot. – see info about the bot.

s.invite – get an bot invite link. – see the bot’s ping.

s.bite [user] – bite the pinged member

Other actions:

bite | blush | bonk | boop | bored | chase | cheer | cringe | cry | cuddle | dab | dance | die | facepalm | feed | glomp | happy | hate | highfive | holdhand | hug | kill | kiss | laugh | lick|triggered | love | lurk | nervous | no | nom | nuzzle | panic | pat | peck | poke | pout | run | sad | shoot | shrug | sip | slap | sleep | smug | spit | stab | stare | tease | think | thumbsup | tickle | wag | wave | why | wink | yes

s.8ball – ask the bot a question.

s.marry [user] – send a marriage request to the pinged user.

s.divorce – divorce your current marriage.

s.marry [user] -i – get info about a married user.

s.ship [user] [user] – show a love % of 2 users.

s.avatar <@user> – Show you a users avatar.

s.wyr – Send a random would you rather question.

s.topic – send a random conversation topic. – generate a random sfw meme.

s.iemoji – Show you information about the emoji. start – start the giveway process. edit <#channel|channelid> – edit a running giveaway. end <#channel|channelID> – end a running giveaway. reroll <#channel|channelID> – reroll a giveaway. pick <#channel|channelID> – pick a winner if your giveaway is stuck.

s.gaset manager <@role|roleID|rolename> – set a role as giveaway manager.

s.gaset bypass <@role|roleID|rolename> – set a role to bypass giveaways.

s.gaset blacklist <@role|roleID|rolename> – blacklist a role from entering giveaways.

s.gaset mcounter antispam <on|off> enable or disable antispam for messagecount.

s.gaset mcounter cd – Ex.: 10s | add a cooldown between a counted message.

s.gaset mult <show/hide> Show or hide the multiplier on giveaway description. banner <upload| url> – set a banner for a giveaway.

s.gaset config – show all available config on the guild. (max 5)

s.gaset config add – create a new config for the giveaway with interactive setup

s.gaset config remove remove an existing config

s.gaset config ask – disable or enable the bot to ask you for giveaway configuration

s.gaset config use – set the default config to use for giveaway if you disable the configuration section

s.gaset votemult <on/off> – disable or enable the voters multiplier on giveaway (premium only)

s.boost channel #channel – set the channel where the boost message will be sent.

s.boost text <text> – set the text of the boost message.

s.boost <on|off> – disable/enable the boost message.

s.strb <on|off> – enable / disable the starboard

s.strb channel < #channel|channelId > – set the channel for the Starboard

s.strb ignore < #channel|channelId > – ignore a channel from being able to get on the Starboard.

s.strb color #hexcolor – set the starboard embed color.

s.strb minreact < Number > – set the minimal star for a message bevore being posted in starboard channel.

s.strb emoji < emoji > – set an emoji to count as a Star. Default is :star:



s.sgst channel <#channel|channelid> – set the channel for suggestions.

s.sgst emoji < emoji-1 > < emoji-2 > – set the emojis for suggestions. [emoji 1 = yes & emoji 2 = no]

s.wlc test [-r] – test the welcomer [add -r to test it on the real channel.]

s.wlc image text – set the welcome image text.

s.wlc image channel <#channel|channel id> – set the welcome image channel.

s.wlc image bg <link|upload image> – set welcome image.

s.wlc image test – test welcome image.

s.wlc message text – set the welcome message text.

s.wlc message channel <#channel|channel id> – set the welcome message channel.

s.wlc message test – test the welcome message

s.wlc type <embed|message> – change the welcomer type.

s.wlc embed color <hexadecimal|random> – change the embed color.

s.wlc embed channel <#channel| channel id> – set the channel for embed welcome messages.

s.wlc image <on/off> – disable or enable the welcome image.

s.wlc message <on/off> disable or enable welcome message.

s.wlc embed <on/off> disable or enable a welcome embed.

s.wlc rr <on/off> disable or enable a role react (only works on embeds).

s.wlc rr add emoji <@role| roleid> – add a role to the welcome role reaction.

s.wlc rr remove <@role|roleid> remove a role from the role reaction.

s.wlc rr list – list all role reaction roles.

s.wlc rr timeout – Set the timeout for the role reaction to be removed default is 15min. (min 5min and max 2h)

s.imgr <#channel|channelid> < emoji emoji2 ...emoji3 > – set a imagereact for a certain channel.

s.imgr <#channel|channelid> <on/off> – enable or disable imagereact.

s.mlbset <on|off> – Disable or Enable the message counter.

s.mlbset lb <#channel|channelid> – Set the Channel for the auto updating Leaderboard (updates every 10min needs Manage Webhooks and Manage Messages permission)

s.mlbset bg list – Show the list for available base backgrounds

s.mlbset ignore <#channel|channelid> – Ignore/Unignore a channel for the message counter. (some might be premium only)

s.topmsg <day|week|month> – Show top 10 users for the provided argument.

s.mlbset <upload|imageURL> – Set a custom Background (premium only))

s.srv message text <text> – set text for the logging

s.srv message channel <#channel/channelid> – set the channel where the bot should send the log

s.srv message <on/off> – disable or enable the logging

s.srv lb channel <#channel/channelid> – set the leaderboard channel

s.srv lb bg list – show the list of available backgrounds.

s.srv lb <on/off> – disable / enable the leaderboard

s.srv auth – generate / show the authentication code to place on the authentication section on

s.srv faq – show how to setup the webhooks on

s.srv role <@role/roleid> <total vote required> – add or edit a server voter role reward

s.srv role <@role/roleid> – remove an existing role reward


s.edr pos <@role1> <@role2> [--above | --below] – edit the Position of Role1 to be above or below Role2. (used to move roles without server crash for big servers)

s.edr name @role "name" – edit the Name of a role.

s.edr create – create a role.

s.edr @role  – edit a existing role.

Available args: name color pos hoist mentionable

Usage: arg=value

Example: name=test color=#FFFFF --hoist --mentionable

s.block <@user|userid> – ban or unban someone using the bot. (redo the command to unban)

s.ecmnd <#channel|all> <cmdname|category|all> – enable a disabled command.

s.dcmnd <#channel|all> <cmdname|category|all> – enable a disabled command.

s.setacd – set cooldown for action command (default 60s).


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