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My names Saya, and I am a demon. I was expected to be the upcoming queen of the underworld. Since a younger demon I would travel far away from the palace and would look upon a door and stairs being the difference of this Fallen underworld and one above. Being so far down below can get so far above your head. Always glancing at it knowing I could never dare to pass I’d wonder, “What is the difference between their world and mine?” As I got older I knew more and more I wanted to go and be beyond of what I was brought up to be. As I began to grow on my way up I met someone much smaller than myself. Sitting by herself on the border of stairs between the underworld and the one above. After some time I did end up going up to her asking for her name. She had the most beautiful blue hair with a difference of two eye colors, blue and gold. She was truly mesmerizing, but clearly about 100 years younger than myself. The blue haired girl then looked at me and given me her name “Nori…”. Taking her to my protection and knowing that I’d be the mentor she needed. We from that day made the best companionship to each other. Exiting the realm from below here we are today. Fallen from above and in-between below, and this is my story on how you all became apart of the Fallen!

Story written by Kotori ✞#2237


  • Meeting new people
  • Making people happy
  • Helping out People
  • Learning new things
  • Being outside and enjoying the traveling


  • Toxic behaviour against her
  • People saying shes not cute
  • Spammers
  • NSFW Comments about her


  • Getting forgotten
  • Making mistakes
  • Stop Improving


  • Extreme multitascing abilities
  • Super fast responsibility
  • Good with making people happy
  • Remembering alot at the same time
  • Really good with the sword

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