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Improve your Server / Community with Saya. Engage members with Giveaways, Message Leaderboards , Actions and many more Features!

Gifs & Actions
We all like getting hugged or patted, so Saya bot comes with a big amount of Action Commands to increase the interacton in your server.

For making it more interesting, Saya can count the amount of Actions you have given or that you have received, that way you can keep track of the amount of hugs you give and become a very lovely person!

Get Wallpapers of your favourite Anime Characters. There's a big amount of characters that you can get custom wallpapers of.

Constantly adding new Wallpapers. We are everyday trying to add more & more wallpapers to our API so you can have more & more images!

You can join our support server and suggest your own wallpapers and help us make Saya bigger!

Are you tired of welcoming users one by one or welcome messages of other bots failing or with a boring design? Customize Saya to make your server more automatic and interactive.

Comes with several automatic modules that would make your server a more interesting place, and you can keep your style since most of this module are customizable.

Advanced Giveaway Sysem.
Set Giveaway Manager/Bypass/Blacklist role.
Role/Message requirement. Role Multipliers.
Scheduled Giveaways, Role Rewards, Edit Giveaways...

Have you ever wanted to keep in track your server activity? Well with Saya, this is now possible and really interactive!

You can customize your leaderboards and more functions o make your server better, and have a track of the activity!